What Our Valued Clients Have To Say:


“Renaé LeBlanc went above and beyond, assessing our existing insurance and recommending adjustments that most benefit us. My husband and I were comfortable with her and everything she suggested. Renaé helped us get into what we needed and met our budget.  We highly recommend Renaé and Michele. They are reliable, trustworthy and knowledgeable.”

-Julie and Steve G. (January, 2016)

“I just reviewed the dates of our journey- it has been 17 months. When you came to me with the LTC insurance proposal, I felt I had a 10% chance of success in obtaining a policy. I did it more to appease my spouse. Because you both gave us 100%, I had to give you 100%. I have had the privilege of hiring and managing hundreds of sales people. One of my training segments was ‘Never Say Never’... how to listen, learn, find the cracks and build success. When everyone else has given up, that is your opening. While I made money with the message, I knew in my heart that the sales people who have drive and focus get it. You get it. Thanks, you have exceeded my expectations.”

-John S. (August, 2017)

“Renaé is a knowledgeable, straight-forward insurance professional that I do not hesitate to refer to colleagues and friends looking for long-term care policies. She knows her product, but most importantly, she knows the product that will best work for the individual. She is patient, thorough, and does not use hard-sell tactics, which in an educated consumer genre, is a characteristic that puts a person at ease when making a long-term insurance commitment.”

-Mary S. (January, 2019)

“My sister and I are so thankful that we had you as our number one resource when our mother’s health started failing. She was able to review existing insurance policies and help us get organized for what was ahead. Throughout the process, we realized that we needed to do our insurance planning for our own families. Michele and Renaé are compassionate and knowledgeable when it comes to insurance options. They made the process enjoyable and put our minds at ease.”

-Teresa A. (October, 2014)

Glisson LeBlanc Insurance

“Thank you my dear!” You have no idea how much you have helped my whole family. I feel better that my parents have done their long-term care planning and that we are in the process of getting ours in order too. You are a wealth of information. We look forward to working with you in the years ahead.”

-Holly L. (August, 2014)

“Renaé is a dear and trusted friend of ours and she knows the insurance business. We found it comforting that she took the time to analyze our personal situation and then made recommendations based upon our present and future needs. Our family members have worked with Renaé on their insurance needs also and cannot say enough about her professionalism and dedication.”

-Randy and Karen W. (May, 2013)

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