Long-Term Care and Personal Insurance Planning

Rely on Glisson-LeBlanc Insurance for long-term care planning and policy reviews for various types of long-term care, life, disability and health insurance coverage.
These are important components to consider when you are making plans for what happens next.
We guide you so you select the right policies for your needs.
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Long-Term Care Planning

Since there is a good chance that you might need long-term care services at some point, it is important to explore your options and plan ahead. 

People often put off planning for long-term care because they do not want to think about a time when they might need it. Most people first learn about long-term care when they or a loved one needs care. However, if you wait until you need services to start planning, your options may be limited.


You may not be able to find the information you need to make decisions. You may not have the money you need to pay for the services you want. Or you may have to rely on your family or others to make decisions for you. You may not be able to qualify for insurance due to health reasons.

Personal Insurance Planning

Personal insurance planning and risk management are two of the core components of financial planning. Insurance is a financial tool that transfers the risk of financial loss from one party, the insured, to another party, the insurance carrier.


For many, life, health, and disability insurance are among the more important types of coverage for individuals and families to have. There are three key questions when considering life insurance as part of your financial strategy — how much do you need, how long should the coverage be in place, and what is doable from a cash-flow perspective. At Glisson-LeBlanc Insurance, we help make the process easy for you to understand, and develop an insurance plan that is affordable, yet comprehensive.

Long-Term Care Planning

Our partners at Glisson-LeBlanc Insurance help you understand the importance of preparing for the future, and we detail the personal and financial steps necessary for a successful strategy. We also include important housing considerations and care issues to weigh when planning for long-term care.

Analysis of Existing Plans

Many people who have existing long-term care policies appreciate having them reviewed on a regular basis. Our partners at Glisson-LeBlanc Insurance have the experience in reviewing insurance policies and then explaining the benefits to our client. It is always good to be reminded of how the plan will work at time of claim. 

Educational Presentations

We believe that the long-term care planning process is much more than the sale of an insurance policy. We conduct presentations throughout the community and with homeowner associations. Our “forum-type” meetings are extremely informative and we welcome an open discussion with our audience.

Assistance in Choosing A Care Community

Are you aware of the various types of care that are available in your community? We have visited many of the wonderful communities in Manatee and Sarasota Counties. We are able to assist you and your family in making choices, based upon your individual needs, and we know the questions to ask when considering a Home Health Agency, Independent Living Facility, Assisted Living Facility, and a Skilled Facility.