Single Women Need LTC Insurance More Than Married Women

How does the need for Long Term Care Insurance differ between single and married women? A married woman has the chance that her husband could provide care for her if she suffers a sudden health crisis. A married woman might also be more likely to have adult children that could step up and provide care, or at least help provide funding for professional care. A single woman, however, is often on her own. If she has never been married, she is not likely to have adult children to help her. It's possible that a healthy sibling or a significant other may be able to step up and help with her care, but in many cases a single women must be prepared to fend for herself. Long Term Care Insurance has become a very important financial planning tool for single women. As important as proper investment goals are to retirement funding, so too is planning for long term care needs. Most women will not suddenly keel over at age 90....they most often suffer a health crisis necessitating professional long term care. In fact, after reaching age 65, they will have at least a 70% chance of needing long term care at some point (usually their last few years of life.) Everyone would prefer to make their own decisions on where and how they receive needed care, but unless you are very wealthy and able to "self insure", you won't be able to make those choices without a good LTC insurance plan. The choice of receiving care at home, or picking out the best assisted living facility, or a private room vs. a shared room, can be yours to make if you carry the right plan. The earlier you start, the more affordable Long Term Care Insurance is. Remember, you can't wait until you have a negative health must be reasonably healthy today to qualify.

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